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Understanding One's Limitations

In the pursuit of a particular goal, we must take the time to understand the journey of this exploration. Each person must develop a plan to ensure success but also prepare and accept setbacks in achieving that goal. Life is a constant battle between the realms of reality. The internal and the external world are in a constant battle; while we seek growth and development in our internal spirit. The world is in constant flux to counter your own reality. Some believe that man's own interference has conditioned us to fail; however, is man responsible for the rain that showers over his head? Is man responsible for the sun that dries the rain, but causes death if trapped in its gaze without water.

It's important to understand the limitations of our world as we seek to discover the achievement that are obtainable in our own reality. Should we interfere in the natural realm of life? Do our decisions effect a change or does staying neutral create a change and bring forth a new reality. …